NEWS BREAKING: First Pictures Released of the Shooter’s Weapons Inside Hotel Room

On Sunday, Stephen Paddock opened a hail of gunfire over the attendees at a concert in Las Vegas.

He was shooting from his 32nd-floor hotel room on the public that was enjoying the country music festival.

This mass shooting caused more than 50 people to die and more than 400 were wounded.

According to Independent Journal Review, during a press conference on Monday, the police released some information regarding the shooter. Apparently, they had found 19 guns at his home and 23 more in his hotel room. Also, they found several pounds of explosive materials.

The photos that were released showed the weapons that the shooter used in his hotel room. Also, several photos showed the bullets spread across the ground along with a hammer and two rifles.

EXCLUSIVE: these are the first photos from inside gunman’s Mandalay Bay hotel room, showing 2 of the 23 weapons used to…

Posted by Jacqui Heinrich on Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Furthermore, The Associated Press reported that his weapons were not fully automatic, but instead, he had two rifles with bump fire stocks, which are legal. “Las Vegas shooter had a device called a bump-stock, which can turn semi-automatic weapons into automatic ones.”

Many politicians jumped in and politicized this terrible tragedy. They blamed that the gun control should be improved. Of course, that wouldn’t make a difference, because the shooter used those rifles with bump fire stocks, which are legal.

After the shooting, the gunman was found dead in the room. It is assumed that he killed himself. His motives for the shooting are still unknown. Also, the police don’t have any information from where he acquired all those weapons.

This was the most devastating massacre in the American History. Hopefully, events like these will never be repeated again.

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